A Tale of a Squirrel

OK, technically, it’s spelled tail. I have been wondering if I could have felted the squirrel in the Jacuzzi-throw in a little Gilchrist & Soames mineral bath and crank the jets all the way up… Oh well, I did not have the nerve to try it. Don’t want the Sheraton to actually keep the security deposit. hee hee. (Hold your horses, I will get a photo eventually. It’s too hot for wool squirrels outside.)  I got the much talked about Vogue Knitting 25th anniversary edition last night at the Taming of the Ewe, to see what all the hoopla was about. I have not gotten to it yet. How many mags and patterns have I bought after a lot of list discussion?

I took the Feather and Fan second sock with me to the Honda dealer. I got a couple inches done on the leg. Of course the only person who showed any interest was "my" salesman, who remarked that I always had a sock there. It’s portable, I said.  I ain’t knitting him socks –I don’t think I got a good deal. Guess they don’t like people trading in 5-year-old Accords with 88,999 miles, ya think? I have 50,000 now on a 2.5-year-old Accord. Now he is trying to sell me a 2008 Accord. Sigh… All that yarn money going to Honda is too much to think about.

Speaking of thinking, it is too hot to do that. Forecast Fox is showing flaming thermometers again on the taskbar. It says 102 is the forecast high.  The outside temp read 103 degrees when I got into the car yesterday.

At Knit Night, I got the heel flap done, turned the heel and started the gusset. In my never-ending quest to avoid making three feet of i-cord for the Mitered Square Jacket in Vogue Simply Knitting or whatever the title of the magazine I have subscribed to for 15-20 years, the directions start with make three feet of i-cord, I got a Clover Wonder Knitter. Excuse me while I compose a letter to the magazine formerly known as FCEK about their recommendation for the Bond Embellish Knit for i-cord. NOT FOR SILK GARDEN, folks. The weight breaks single-ply yarn. I tried Silk Garden lite-same thing. I know the mag sweater is made from Kureyon-same difference. At least the Wonder Knitter was 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Anyone want to buy a slightly used Embellish Knit? Makes lovely cord with the enclosed Caron sample. Of course, no one need concern themselves that I could have done 12 feet of i-cord by now. I have about four inches done manually. Anyhoo, I got striped Sugar and Cream at HL, and have decided to try to convert the Garterlac Dishcloth at Criminy Jickets into a baby bib.

For now, I leefs you wit dis:

i iz blogginz / leef IÂ alonze


5 thoughts on “A Tale of a Squirrel

  1. I love the Garterlac dishcloth. Of course I had to think about what I was doing and you’ll be able to knit it instictively. 🙂
    I’ve got a flaming thermometer too.

  2. Paula, I think the heat’s gotten to you – this is the longest blog post ever! :o) It just rained for about five minutes here. I haven’t stepped outside yet to see if that put us in the lower tempature range of Hell.

  3. I wish our thermometer would flame out. I’m sure the heat has scrambled my brain. Your squirrel is looking really cute. I’m looking forward to seeing him after he’s felted.

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