Squirrel finished

I’ll tell ya what happened. I forgot and the washer went into the spin cycle for a few minutes. So it did not take long to dry under the ceiling fan. Here are some shots from our photo shoot. After a fruitless search for suitable "eyes"and posting to the Knitlist, I went to a local, independent fabric store and found animal eyes and little round buttons. I got three sizes to make sure one was good. DH voted for the beady-eyed look.  Y’all know what?  I have a squirrel (a real, live Eastern Gray) for a friend in Facebook.





8 thoughts on “Squirrel finished

  1. I love my squirrel! Today I got back to work to find a birthday bag and card on my desk. Imagine my surprise when I pulled this cute little fellow out. Paula knitted this for me because I raised a baby squirrel, Moondog, back into the wild. I am so honored to be the recipient of such creativity! Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

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