Fools Rush In

Hee hee. As soon as I finished my last sock (and ran errands, etc.) I cast on with the Colinette Jitterbug yarn for Fools Rush Socks. (pdf) I found this pattern in Ravelry by looking to see what pattern people used with Jitterbug.  It has an eyelet lace ribbing, which is pretty neat, and a lace pattern down the side. I have done one pattern repeat. The Jitterbug, Toscano colorway, is very tightly twisted and feels lush. May use Koigu for toes so I won’t worry about running out of yarn.


5 thoughts on “Fools Rush In

  1. I’ve been wondering what the Jitterbug is like to knit with. I’m about to frog almost a complete pair of socks for my husband (too tight) and I may need to treat myself to get over it.

  2. Thanks for the pattern link, going to add to my ravelry queue as well. Isn’t ravelry great for finding patterns? It’s almost the first thing I do now when trying to decide on a pattern for a particular yarn.

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