Finished Before Deadline

I have finished my red scarf for the Red Scarf Project.. I am glad the pattern is so easy, as my brain hurt from a migraine again. The medication made me shaky and yucky feeling, but it’s better than throwing up.  In addition, I think the little field mousies or El Raton Grande (sounds better than DH’s Big A** Rat, who is now dead, BTW,  Darlene.) gnawed some insulation off the phone cord last night and severed the cord to the modem. (DH was appalled, I was too, to find out people other than my regular readers were seeing this post. He wants me to point out that we are not living like white trash here in rural Alabama, and this is the first rat we have EVER seen in 40-some years. But critters do want to get in your house in the fall, especially during a 100-year drought. This critter is dead and long gone.) Anyway, we were Internet-less until I went to the big box place to get groceries. I forgot the phone cord, and had to stop at  CVS to get a cord. Nobody in podunk here has 100 foot cord.  Not long enough.  So I went back to the Pit of Despair to get yet another cord.  I stopped by KMart first, to no avail. I already got 25 oro 12 foot phone cords. Ya’ll need to see Amanda’s blog, where the previous link goes to) to know what I am talking about. OK, we are online now. So I finished my Irish Hiking Scarf. It is Paton’s Wool Classic Merino in Bright Red, size 8 needles.



11 thoughts on “Finished Before Deadline

  1. Glad the….mouse/Rick’s Big A*S Rat is dead!!! I won’t ask for details but take your word for it!! LOL!!! Sorry about your headache too!! Nothing worse than a migraine!! Glad you are feeling better and all is back to normal in the house!
    Scarf turned out GREAT…as does all your knitting projects!!!

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