I Knit With the Yarn Harlot

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt to prove it!

I also survived driving into Atlanta and getting a bit lost. Deep breath. I got a few inches done on my second Austermann Step sock. First things first, though. After driving around and around the block where the Gaslight Inn is located, (really close to the LYS and the theater) meeting up with my sister, and eating lunch at 3, then it was shopping at Knitch. My sister, the muggle and writer, has lots of material now. Below is yard, er yarn art by the door at Knitch: Oh oh! I met Turtle Girl., of the eponymous Bloggy Thing. I recognized her socks before I saw her turtle backpack. I met Elizabeth of Knit in Your Pants at breakfast. We attended the same college at the same time, I think.

I got some tangerine Cascade Paztazo or something like that-50% llama/50% wool. Maybe I shall make a pumpkin!

Another souvenir was Kuryeon 209

After that, my sister and I joined the line to get into the Hilan Theatre. The entrance is cleverly hidden by Ben and Jerry’s and Starbucks. A kid riding by on his bike yelled,  "Oh my goodness, all THAT line for ice cream?" My peeps, y’all.

Really bad photo of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee photographing her sock in front of the audience, reportedly 600 or more. Oh yeah! With all those people, I ended up sitting by a knitter, Nacole, from my group that meets in Rome, GA. She and her DH were first in line for the first book signing.  (The Rome Michael’s has Lion pumpkin wool for $1a skein, but I digress.) What is with my flash? I brightened it and played with the exposure. Sigh. Stephanie has great comedic timing, and opened with, "Before I forget, AAARRRRR!" It was International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


Then… we hung out at Starbucks and went back to Knitch to wait for the late book signing. By the time Stephanie got to me after 10 pm, when she was signing all four of my books and lamenting, "Why is my name so LONG?" all I could come up with to say was, "Stephanie, can I take your picture with my sock?" All the clever things I had thought of  saying dissolved from my brain. That’s my Austerman Step sock  in the foreground.  Y’all, when I uploaded the pix, this one did not transfer. I discovered it still on the camera, after being sad and upset for a minute. BTW, the wall behind her has shelves full of all kinds of Noro yarn.


8 thoughts on “I Knit With the Yarn Harlot

  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time! I absolutly love the kid on the bike comment about the Ben & Jerry’s line! Little did he know….

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