Wild & Crazy Monkey Socks

Kinda have some assembly required. Yes, I have stumbled across the real sock pr0n sites while looking for wildly colored Monkey Socks from Cookie’s Knitty pattern. I did enjoy my first pair of Monkeys, and I did not have to e-mail Cookie in confusion, as I did with the Pomotamus p-socks. Anyways, Beth has inspired me, so I dove into the sock stash looking for wild colored yarn, and I came up with Interlacements Little Toes in Carbon Dioxide. (I also have their Tiny Toes in Las Vegas Brights, but this yarn is older.) Whattya think? Will this do?


8 thoughts on “Wild & Crazy Monkey Socks

  1. OMG – that yarn will make amazing monkeys!!!! I could have purchased some Las Vegas Brights a month ago but was short on cash. 😦 So I know how wonderful BOTH would be.

  2. Be sure and post a pic in progress… i’m VERY curious to see what these wild and crazy colors will look like in the monkey pattern. I bet they will look great!!

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