Two Step Socks

Two Austermann Step socks, that is. This is color 05, I believe. The second one needs the toe grafted, but I was losing the light, ‘k? These socks went to see the Yarn Harlot in Atlanta. They match pretty well, considering what I had to go through.. I also have TWO matching balls of yarn left over. One ball was the yarn taken out to get the color sequences the same. The second ball of yarn was from the different color sequence following the KNOT near the heel. The colors after the knot were completely different, including a couple of black areas. Ya know, the photos I found on the yarn company’s Web site didn’t have matching stripes, hmmm. OK, now I can start the Carbon Dioxide Interlacements Little Toes Monkeys,   despite the fact I haven’t gotten my Knit Picks Harmony circs.  They are shipped, after KP first said they were out of stock. Oh yeah, this blog is Pink for October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I was a little slow to change my calendar pages, too.


4 thoughts on “Two Step Socks

  1. They look great! Sometimes you get lucky with the matching stripes. Some times you gotta work for it. Sometimes you just gotta let the yarn be. Do you cut colors out of your noro too? =)

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