Monkeys Started

So after I finished the Step Socks, I started the Wild & Crazy Monkey socks, using the Cookie A.  pattern from Knitty. Yarn is Interlacements Little Toes in Carbon Dioxide. Knit Picks classic circs, 2.5mm (waiting for my Harmony 2.5mm, as I think this colorway needs those.)


8 thoughts on “Monkeys Started

  1. Oooo these Monkey’s are going to be cool. I can’t wait to see how they progress. The colors are very vibrant!!!

  2. You will love these socks. I am loving mine. I knit them in Colinette Jitterbug Toscano. Darlene and Tonnie have some of this colorway too. I’m almost finished with the cardi from pure and simple. The one I saw on your blog and then simply had to make one of my own. You continue to be a bad influence. lol

  3. I just cast on for my Monkeys! I’m three repeats into the first sock using Union Center’s Whatnot Sock Yarn in “Fall”.
    Yours look great! I love the bright colors.

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