A Very Good Mail Day

On Monday, I couldn’t blog about so many presents and goodies arriving at once because there was a lot going on when the mail arrived, and then I had to leave for work, where I worked until 11 p.m. Tuesday night I could not blog because DH was giving his online class a test, and he gets testy when I lock up thes stupid machine by making the CPU run at 100% when editing photos.. (I have tried lots of things-am leaning toward a new computer or wiping the hard drive. We just don’t feel like reinstalling everything.) Anyway, the post-person brought my Secret Pal 11 box AND my Tea Swap 4 box! I opened them, photo’d the goodies and left for work. This is everything together, still wrapped in its pretty papers. See the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Granola that I shamelessly asked for? 2 bags!  The pattern is Wendy’s River Run Sock  (see sock toe in previous post) The cookbook is for itty bitty treats.

My SP’s package was pink-themed for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was all in the pink tote bag above. Hmm, what happened to my pink M&Ms? The yarn is Cheery, and the tea is Cherry. Cute cards with cats and yarn too. Yarn is from Handspun and Dyed… Too on Etsy. So pretty and pink.

My Tea Swap 4 package had yarn, too, and Assam and Yunnan teas. The mug is from Bauer Pottery in LA, a local item from my TS4 pal. The sky blue yarn is Shi Bui and the other is Regia from the Kaffe Fasset line. Didn’t they both do a great job?

When I got to work, my Fearless Fibers Seven Deadly Sins Sock Yarn Club yarn was waiting for me. Pride and Envy. Guess which is which?

Last but not least, Linda, who I met at the Taming of the Ewe, Jacksonville, AL’s LYS, left me a present in my office while I was not at work. As I told her, I love books, yarn, tea, stitch markers and bags, so this was perfect. There is pinky-purply hand-dyed sockie yarn, and matching pink-beadad stitch markers.  It finally feels like Fall here, so the bag is seasonal at last.


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