New Socks, New Blossom

My Ness’s Orange Pekoe African Violet bloomed for the first time the other day. This is the plant I got from Ebay. As a tea drinker, I had to have one of these for the name alone.

No, I haven’t finished even one Monkey sock, but I am past the heel and gusset. but I got some new Harmony circs from Knit Picks, and I got some sock yarn (Pride) from Fearless Fibers Seven Deadly Sins Sock Club, and Wendy’s River Run sock pattern. Turkish cast on survived, dreading W&T.


3 thoughts on “New Socks, New Blossom

  1. African violets are so pretty. The one I had several years ago blossomed once and never again.
    The yarn for your new sock is very pretty. Is this your first toe-ups? Knitpicks has a very good tutorial on picking up wrapped stitches.

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