Blue, Blue…

I finished the flap and gusset heel, done backwards on my toe-up River Run sock (Wendy Knits) in Fearless Fibers Pride., but I have not been able to get an outside photo, so here is inside photo with flash. I had to do the heel twice because I got off-center the first attempt. My brain… Continue reading Blue, Blue…


Well, let’s see. Today, I got up, (late, because this is the only day this week that the library is open until 11 p.m., so I have to work late) and made a cranberry-grapefruit salad. It has gelatin, jellied cranberry sauce, grapefruit sections and pecans. DH’s grandmother always made it for holiday dinners. Yesterday. I… Continue reading Checklist


I have had needles (size 0000, 4", people!) and the pattern for Carol’s Sockery Los Lobe Hose sock earrings for a while.  So today I felt like tackling the pattern. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Country Christmas colorway. I picked this shot because I can see the minor laceration on my middle finger from a needle.… Continue reading Sockie-poo

Old Project

This afghan, made mostly out some long discontinued Red Heart (Cashelle, I think) and a couple panels in wool was the last thing I knitted and finished in the early 1990s before I stopped knitting for about 10 years due to repetitive stress injury. The afghan covers the top of a double bed. It is… Continue reading Old Project