Mah Sox iz Toe-up

My name is Paula,. and I am addicted to LOL Cats. Hmm, or my socks are knitted from the toe-up. The sock on the left has been restarted twice, because I had too many, then too few, stitches at the beginning. I have done very few toe-up socks. The right one has is my best looking short row heel ever. The blue, Wendy’s River Run sock is serving as my easy knitting when I get tired of leaves. Blue is Pride from Fearless Fibers Seven Deadly Sins Sock Club, and the other is Fallen Leaves from Ball & Skein.


4 thoughts on “Mah Sox iz Toe-up

  1. Those are some gorgeous colors! I especially like the Fallen Leaves colorway. Congratulations on mastering the short row heel… haven’t mastered this technique myself and love the looks, but can’t knit/wrap tight enough to not leave holes!

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