Ooh, Look, Pups

So, I have been ripping on all my projects. Must be all the Food Network shows and old  Law & Order shows. I started the gusset on the blue sock, after ripping back a few rows. I worked on the Shaped Cardigan, after ripping out a few rows in the shaping section. I also messed up on Elfine’s Socks and had to rip back. Anyway, the Bird of Paradise is budding for Thanksgiving. It has two buds.

I couldn’t resist the chance to photograph my Sundara Bird of Paradise yarn for Ravelry.

Since someone wanted puppy photos, Honey was not impressed with the Bird of Paradise.

Peanut sez, "But I am looking at you, Mama. With one eye."

And lastly, gratuitous pineapple shot:


3 thoughts on “Ooh, Look, Pups

  1. Awwwwww.. The pups have gotten so big! You sure do have a green thumb. My hubby keeps buying me houseplants and i’ve only managed to keep 2 alive 🙂

  2. Love the spread up top. I think that I will indulge in a sour cream pound cake as well. The pine apple is looking mighty healthy, almost time to harvest?
    I took pics of my Bird of Paradise that way as well. Great minds think alike!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Paula.

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