Well, let’s see. Today, I got up, (late, because this is the only day this week that the library is open until 11 p.m., so I have to work late) and made a cranberry-grapefruit salad. It has gelatin, jellied cranberry sauce, grapefruit sections and pecans. DH’s grandmother always made it for holiday dinners.

Yesterday. I made a sour cream pound cake, from my mother’s recipe.. It has a missing section now, and it’s not as photogenic. Had to check it out, as I have been known to make mistakes, ya know


Saturday before lunch I made a Sweet Potato Casserole with Praline Topping from a Cooking Light recipe. It is a lighter version of Sweet Potato Crunch, which my sister in law always made.

I baked a pan of cornbread before I left for the grocery store in the afternoon on Sat., then made cornbread dressing when I returned. These two are ready to be baked, once they come out of the freezer.

Oh yeah, I finished the Los Lobe Hose sockie earrings, then got sucked into a movie on Bravo, and sat there for 2 hours with my knitting on my lap, untouched. I did not think the movie was worthy of the DVR.


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