Blue, Blue…

I finished the flap and gusset heel, done backwards on my toe-up River Run sock (Wendy Knits) in Fearless Fibers Pride., but I have not been able to get an outside photo, so here is inside photo with flash. I had to do the heel twice because I got off-center the first attempt. My brain had to get used to going backwards, too. The heel is the usual slip 1, knit 1 type.

Yesterday, DH and I felt like we were having hot flashes in the kitchen. We had two Crock-pots, two ovens and all the burners on the stove going to get Thanksgiving lunch ready. We had herb-marinated turkey breast, apple-cider glazed pork tenderloin, sweet potato casserole, green beans with almonds, green peas, cornbread dressing and fruit salad and cranberry salad. We had to postpone dessert to mid-afternoon. I worked on my sock after all that.

Today, I went to Target and TJ Maxx, etc. and the mall in Oxford, AL. I took the back way down AL 9, through Piedmont and White Plains and Choccolaco. It was nice and peaceful, and quiet, with views of  autumn leaves with the sun shining through them, , until I got near the end of the bypass.near Golden Springs and I-20. Traffic was backed up from the shopping center to the interstate.  Target had no shopping carts left. I had to wait around for one. I went to a few stores, then went to a mattress store to shop for a new bed. It was nice and peaceful in there, compared to the bedlam of Best Buy and Tarzhay. I fell in love with a mattress that has silk, wool and alpaca in it.

DH says to say, "Roll Tide." He is going to the Iron Bowl tomorrow. I saw a lot of Auburn and Alabama regalia today on shoppers everywhere I went.


4 thoughts on “Blue, Blue…

  1. The sock looks great — flawless heel. The color is perfect too.
    Your Thanksgiving meal sounds like it was delicious. Mmmm, cornbread dressing — it’s been a while since I’ve had that.

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