An Actual Blog Post

So I have not worked on the Elfine socks in a while. I kept getting off track with the lace. So, I started another sock. I had to start a "normal"  top-down one. The sock on the left will be Fiber Trends Toe Jazz, a thong sock for flip-flops. The colors in the Lang Jawoll cotton/wool blend yarn go well with my Birkenstock thongs.  I have been working on the River Run socks some, as I am on the leg-and just have a few inches to go.

The pink Christmas cactus in my office is about to bloom, despite the fact that I might have remembered to put it
in the darkness at night about twice.

I have gotten the last shipment in my Fearless Fibers Seven Deadly Sins sock club. This installment, Greed, came with a  Knitspot pattern, Acorn Stash socks. You too, can have this kit from Anne and Deb if you wish. You really need to see Anne’s poem. Hee hee..


4 thoughts on “An Actual Blog Post

  1. The acorn is an interesting knitting motif. Pity I’m not in love with the color of the yarn. That’s the first in that series I haven’t liked, isn’t it?

  2. Oh did you get the pattern for the thong sock from that one book you had on your Wish List? (The name of it is evading my brain this early in the morning). I thought about doing toe socks but haven’t yet. Don’t worry about your Elfine sock. Mine is in stalled mode right now too. Your Christmas cactus reminds me of the one my mom had years ago. They sure are pretty when they bloom.

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