Amarylli Cam

I don’t think that is the plural, but… So I have been corresponding with my Tea Swap 4 pal, Eva, about the amaryllis bulbs I got at Target last week. Look, little green shoots. I haven’t gotten much knitting done, due to migraines and sinus pain. I hope these are in focus, it hurt a little to take the photos. Ack! I hate sinus headaches!


Also, I got some Sophie’s Toes Sock Yarn from Emily Parsons not long ago. This is Christmas Lights. It does remind me of a lighted tree. Under my Ott Lite, as I didn’t want to go outside.


7 thoughts on “Amarylli Cam

  1. I bought an amarylis somewhere right before Thanksgiving and it had started to sprout in the box. Christmas Lights is such a good name for the yarn. It’s nice and cheerful for the summer months. Hope your headaches get better soon.

  2. Aaah, so that’s what it looks like when they sprout. As of last night, none of my four has shown me any signs of life. It would seem that flowers for Christmas won’t be happening for me; so I’ll have to keep looking at yours.
    I’m hoping that I just have some late bloomers.

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