I feel better

I am feeling a lot better, after having bronchitis. At least the awful sinus pressure went away. Last week was fun, with 3 migraines followed immediately by an upper respiratory infection. DH and I don’t know if our Christmas present to ourselves,  the fancy Simmons Beautyrest mattress with modal, (like in Knitpicks Shine) cashmere, silk, alpaca and wool is really comfortable, because we have been coughing too much to get much rest. Anyway, my package from Bibby, my partner in the Alabama Knitbloggers Christmas ornament swap, came today.  Everything was great! A cute sheep-y mug, chocolate, holiday tissues (really appreciated right now) and a handknit ball, bell and wreath.  Did I say everything is wonderful? Look at the cute card. We also haven’t felt up to decorating, so I had to look for a red backdrop.

The only thing that I have felt like working on while sick and cold medication impaired is the Toe Jazz sock. There are cables down the back, and ribs on the front. I have almost finished the larger part of the toe section here. I really like this Lang Jawoll cotton blend yarn.



5 thoughts on “I feel better

  1. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d been so sick. I’m glad you’re well. How do you work thru those migrains? Loved you toe nail polish too. Love Trish

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