A Couple of Things, Knitting Included

First, I have almost finished the first River Run sock from Wendy Knits pattern and Fearless Fibers Pride sock yarn. (from the Seven Deadly Sins sock yarn club.) It just need a little ribbing at the top. The blocker is leaning on an amaryllis plant on the patio. It was 72 degrees outside, according to the car, when I returned from the grocery store around noon.

I think one of my Target amaryllis has a bud. Does it look like a bud to you? The other one is not doing much.

I made Nippy Cheese Wafers from my mother’s recipe. I suspect the red pepper is to keep you from eating the entire batch.

We finally managed to get the Christmas tree put up. It is decorated with knitted and crocheted ornaments, and … the USS Defiant, from I think Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. You plug these into the tree lights, and they glow or blink. The Voyager ship has lights too. Cool. DH says.


6 thoughts on “A Couple of Things, Knitting Included

  1. Are you sharing the recipe? I could use a savory cookie during the overly sweet holiday season! Looks like you’re on the magic loop bandwagon with those socks. I just boarded myself!

  2. Wow! The sock looks great. I might have to pick up that pattern for myself.
    Also, your amaryllis makes me think of the monster from Little Shop of Horrors. Still no action from mine. They don’t look dead yet, so I still have hope.

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