Presents and flowers

Well, I got one present! (Just sounded better in plural in the title) A knitting book, KnitKnit: Profiles + Projects from Knitting’s New Wave, given to me by two of my co-workers.  There are neat and funky things in here.  I have heard of some of the knit designers featured in here.

Lookie here! There is a bud and/or blossom on every dang branch. This after I forgot to give the Christmas cactus extra darkness in the fall.


6 thoughts on “Presents and flowers

  1. Oh sure, rub it in, all those pretty Christmas Cactus flowers! (You KNOW it’s a pet peeve of mine.)
    Oh, and that book? There’s a cardi in there that I just love, though I can’t think of the name at the moment. By that British designer, near the front of the book, an asymmetrical, lightweight, textured sweater….

  2. I’ve never seen that book before! Pretty nice of your work buds.
    I brought a cactus home from the store a couple of weeks ago & it was loaded with buds. Every one of them has fallen off. I don’t get it……….I haven’t over watered it. Yours is very pretty!

  3. I know this was your Christmas post but I had to post an answer today.
    My Thanksgiving Cactus is blooming here at Easter.. It bloomed Thanksgiving and Christmas and now it is last week of April and it has been blooming since 2 weeks before Easter. I love it.
    Elsie <

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