More Amaryllis

The other Target amaryllis has a bud! I don’t know if the miniature one (right in 2nd photo)  is going to bloom, as it has a lot of leaves, but no buds.



Honey sez, "I’m not supposed to be in what chair?"

I made gingerbread men. It was great-Pillsbury refrigerated dough and a squeeze bottle of Wilton Cookie Icing.


3 thoughts on “More Amaryllis

  1. I’ve tried to grow Amaryllis… it does not like my brown thumb. Can’t wait to see the bloom!
    What a sweet pup… he looks like he’s trying to say “mamma… give me some cookies… please, pretty please, aw, come on, you know you want to…”

  2. I love Miss Honey and that irresistible face!! Ruby says the same thing all the time — at least she used to. Now she doesn’t even bother. If she could roll her eyes at me, she would.
    Three of my amaryllis are finally showing signs of life. Not-so-exciting pics on the blog tomorrow!

  3. Love the cookies. We have to keep it real here. I concur with the dough/icing combo. My paperwhites are making their debut. I’ve been buying the castofs after Christmas and planting them in my garden.

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