Crocheting and Waiting for Snow

DH just said my blog was boring, and I needed to post. Well, I drove home through a blizzard the other day, with snowflakes swirling everywhere.. I was in Montgomery for a meeting, a couple-three hours south of here. It was sleeting, all the way across Alabama, until about 1 hour from home, it started snowing hard. Of course, I had thought as I left, I don’t need a camera. DH laughed at me when I bought bread and milk on Tuesday.  I drove home from the library very slowly. Anyway, it is supposed to snow again after midnight tonight. We might get 1-2 inches.

Hey ya’ll, look at this! DH says that is a redneck’s last words.  Yes, I did watch a lot of Paula Deen on the Food Network, when I wasn’t watching old Law & Order episodes. Anyway, here is my Amigurumi Lambie-Pie (the patterin is actually called Little Lambkins). Isn’t he cute? Before and after. Some assembly required. Isn’t it cute. I saw it in the SWTC newletter. The taupe is Karaoke, and the fleece is Bamboo Feather. You can’t see nothin’ with that eyelash! I dunno how many stitches I has.  I learned to crochet in Girl Scouts when I was 12, but I learned something new, the Magic Circle, doing Amigurumi, using Planet June’s tutorial, (would link but I can’t find the blog right now. Something else comes up)  I ordered Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful for the library.





10 thoughts on “Crocheting and Waiting for Snow

  1. That is pretty darn cute! My sister’s all into arg..whatever.
    We’re waiting for snow too, but I doubt we’ll get any. This is AFTER we canceled our backpacking trip. Curse you, James Spann!

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