More Hearts

I finished the itty bitty hearts. I sewed them up and stuffed them. I also felted a basket. This is a Carol Bristol pattern that is no longer on the Web. I saved a copy last year. I saved a lot of seasonal felting patterns that I am just now getting to. The base is Lamb’s Pride in Lotus Pink, and the sides are one strand of the Lambs Pride and one of the Patons SWS.  The garter stitch base still has a bit of stitch definition, but the SWS felted well.


I blocked Mr. Greenjeans in blue. I still need to sew a button on. I have plain periwinkle buttons. Here it is modeled by Maud, my new toy, a Singer dress form. I need to set her adjustments. I need to unsubscribe from Joann Fabric’s e-mails. The Ott Lite should be here tomorrow.

It is still cold here. I have been wearing handknits and my Merrell Chill fleece-lined clogs.. I did not get any knitting done today, as I had to call both  Verizon and Hewlett Packard tech support.  I am printing again and downloading ringtones.


6 thoughts on “More Hearts

  1. Those hearts are just so dang cute! I love all the little felted projects you create.
    Mr. Greenjeans looks really nice. I like the changes you made in the pattern. Awesome!

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