Knitting, Finally

I finally have some non-sock, bon-secret knitting to show. I had so much periwinkle TLC Cotton Plus yarn left from Mr. Greenjeans that I cast on for K1C2 Chevron Trim Top sleeveless shell. I am attempting to knit the top in the round. I did a crochet provisional cast-on in order to have the chevron lace, which I will do later,  going the same way as on the topdown cardigan.

Here are the gifts for my Hot Cocoa Swap pal. I mailed the box the other day.

Also, today I started a few tomato seeds. I also ordered a few plants the other day.

I also made a little bit of guacamole from a tiny avocado (no one else likes it)  for my baked tortilla chips on Superbowl Sunday. So I decided to see if I could get a plant from the seed. I watched the Puppy Bowl IV on Animal Planet.


3 thoughts on “Knitting, Finally

  1. You have such wonderful dogs! Is it true they can’t come inside? Would you ever reconsider? I know they can be loud and messy, but dogs are truly “pack” animals. They want to be with their families, even the human members!, more than anything else in life. It is obvious that you love them dearly — could they at least come inside to sleep at night, perhaps?

  2. Hey…we took almost the same photo! I borrowed the school’s digital, so I uploaded photos to my blog…but the wireless connection was acting up so I will post details once I get home. I can’t complain too much about the connection…it is free after all!

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