Central Park Hoodie Swatch. This yarn feels so much better after a bath! Queensland Collection Kathmandu in purple from a Webs sale. It’s a little darker in real life.

Now for my complete distraction. Cool, man, cool! (Dave Brubeck, Take Five.) This video is from the year I was born! I bought the CD before the Lexus Infiniti commercial, too.


7 thoughts on “CPH

  1. Hey you are getting on the CPH bandwagon! Love the color of your yarn choice. It will be beautiful.
    Just in case you haven’t read anywhere, CPH is a snug fit. Make a size larger than you normally would. πŸ™‚

  2. I am currently seeing how many days in a row I can wear my CPH before someone starts making comments on it. You will love it! The only place where I really have an issue is w/ the sleeves. I’d make them wider. I am a pretty small person & they are really too snug. It’s fine in the shoulder area, so maybe cast on more to start with & make increases, but then get the decreases down to the original armhole circumference. That’s what I’m going to try next time. Something on that order. The KAL has ladies who made the sleeves larger. Check that out 1st.

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