You Made My Day

This post is dedicated to the two bloggers, Suzanne (my honorary cousin) and Deborah, (my Secret Pal 11 spoiler, who cracked me up by saying she never knows what she will find on my blog) who gave me the "You Make My Day" Award. I know I am late, and most of these bloggers have already gotten the award, but here are my picks, in no particular order. If anyone listed reads this, know you made my day. I was feeling sad because my blog never got awards.

1. Beth – I think we love the same yarn colors and sock patterns. Cute doggies
2. Carrie – She was my spoilee in my first Secret Pal swap-5?.
3. Bekka– Interesting craftiness, and horses, and accordion lessons, plus she’s my Facebook friend.
4. Deb – She spoiled me in my first Secret Pal swap.
5. Darlene – She always has a comment, and a cheery attitude.
6. Katie– Love her cute sewing and great baking photos
7. Dorothy – her Canadian winter shots are lovely-from afar.
8. Marguerite Her Stitches of Violet blog is inspiring, her pattern designs for charity are great, and she posts cute. doggie photos, too.
9 Emily – for putting the Alabama Knit Bloggers ring together, where I "met" lots of interesting people.
10. Elizabeth – watch out for emus in the Talladega National Forest/Choccolocco watershed area.


Deborah, this is for you. DH is still laughing.  We have been playing, Type "whatever" in YouTube and see what comes up. He says he like to died laughing. Wait for Lawrence’s comment at the end.  (Or better yet, skip to the end.) I had to find something to complement Brubeck. Bizarre. Or as DH says, "Weird, man, weird."


8 thoughts on “You Made My Day

  1. Awww, thanks!
    BTW – I considered Kathmandu aran for something recently but rejected it because I hadn’t seen enough other things knit with it. You’re the guinea pig!

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