Random Thursday

I rushed home today to make DH a sour cream pound cake for Valentine’s Day, and to get a photo of the progress (armhole shaping) on CPH, since I have nothing else going. I took some artfully composed photos on the woodpile, and had a dispute with the Nikon Coolpix over the flash and blurred photos w/o the flash. I noticed there was more light reflected off the hood of DH’s truck, so I present the back of CPH on the hood of an F-150. Elizabeth, it is a 4-wheel drive. It is not shaped funny in the center, the circ needle’s cable has a twist..

My Christmas cactus is blooming for Valentine’s Day.Vcactus

Sunset Monday over Bibb Graves Hall at Jacksonville State University.


7 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. Mmmm, sour cream pound cake. I have a recipe for you to try. Remind me to send it to you should it not show up by Sunday.
    I’m floored that your cactus is still blooming! Whats your secret?

  2. Ha! I know what an F-150 is! Just cause I didn’t know that “bogging” means the same as “four wheeling” – sheesh! ;o)
    Now I’m wishing I’d bought your color of Jo Sharp. I’m loving that purple.

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