Hot Cocoa Swap and One Sock

I got my Hot Cocoa Swap package today, from Nelda the Knitting Nurse! It was full of chocolate and goodies, including the cutest little knit kitty-cat. There is Bellagio hot cocoa, bittersweet and mint, too. Also a mug in the center of the photo, with hearts and a red inside. We sampled the chocolate, and might have hot cocoa and Outrageous chocolate covered marshmallows later.  The yarn is from Yarn Oddity, by Ms. Pixie Riot "The Birds will Still be Singing." Click for larger.

Look at the stitch markers!

I also finished one of my Annetrelac socks the other day, when I needed a break after finishing the back of CPH, blocking here:

The sock, in Thank Ewe sock yarn colorway Winter Chill, posed with the daffodils. I think the camera focused on the daffodils, but this was still the best shot.

Closeup of entrelac to make up for blurriness:


6 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa Swap and One Sock

  1. What an awesome swap package! Hot cocoa is right up my alley. You’ve definitely been busy knitting. Your CPH back looks awesome. You really flew through it. Love the sock. Very dimensional. Cool!

  2. Hi there, I’m so glad you like you goodies :o) Especially the kitty, I was nervous about making it so I’m glad you like it. what will it’s name be? Your Annetrelac socks are awesome!

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