In Which I Spend Less Money Than I Could Have

I went to Gadsden, AL today, and I went to  the Honda dealer to look at a CR-V, the small crossover SUV. However, they sold the models I went to look at, and they weren’t content to just let me go on to Hobby Lobby, so I test drove a 2008 Accord.(I only got up to 75 mph on the Interstate) I think I am in love. However, I did come home with just an Accord brochure and the wooden buttons for CPH you see here.  They have little filigree designs on them.

Spring is not quite here yet, so as I tore out of the Honda dealer’s lot after I escaped, I had my heated leather seat turned on, and Johnny Cougar Mellencamp in the CD player. It was raw and gray and cloudy and 45 degrees, so I did not take a photo of the depressing sky. After I had enough of the CD, I switched back to XM.  The 74 is the temp in the car. I guess between the vibration from my Accord’s V-6 engine (run circles around a CR-V) and my cell phone camera, it’s a little blurry. There’s a lot more buttons in the 2008 Accord. It’s like Mrs. Richey, an old family friend, said of riding in an ambulance, "Honey, I thought I was in a spaceship."


I came close to taking another photo for the blog. Hobby Lobby had a handwritten sign posted in the yarn section that said Knitting Lessons  were conducted on Wed. from 10-12 pm. Hmmm, partay night! (I know that means 10 AM to 12 noon, don’t e-mail me.) Hee hee, I am easily amused, see above.

I have gotten to the armhole shaping on CPH’s left front piece. When I wasn’t test driving Accords and CR-Vs, I did start another sock. It does not figure in the sock count, because I frogged my Elfine’s sock, and started Embossed Leaves, from Favorite Socks, with the same yarn. The yarn is Ball and Skein Sock Yarn in Fallen Leaves. I am a lot more comfortable with the chart and top down sock.


6 thoughts on “In Which I Spend Less Money Than I Could Have

  1. Test drives can be dangerous things! Although, that being said, let me just tell you that I used to drive a CR-V (the original model) and just loved that car–it had room for everything. As much as I love my Volvo, it’s a little tight on cargo space!

  2. Oh gosh, we can all relate to the “test drive,” can’t we? I loved my old Honda Accord; it’s a great model, and I drove mine for 13 years. Then upgraded to a “luxury” car. Still, I miss the trunk when back seat was folded down. Much stuff was stuffed into that car.
    Love your posts; they amuse me, too!

  3. 75 on the interstate?? YOU GO GIRL!! LOL!!! My gas pedal foot can maintain 75 mph better than any cruise control can!! LOL!! I LOVE the style of the new Accord….I bought one in 2006 right before the new models came out….wish I had waited!!!! I vote to go for the Accord!!!
    Ahhh….you are off to another beautiful start on a sock!!! I am always inspired to try new sock patterns when I see yours!!

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