New Project

So here is my new project. A wee tiny sock for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap. I think I am knitting on toothpicks. Socks that Rock (lightweight, I think) in Hot Flash. The first leftover yarn I laid my hands on.

Knitting, and Flowers

Hey, remember the Central Park Hoodie? I finished the right front last night, and it is blocking now. Next step-hood! Hey, Deb, it’s spring now, the Japanese magnolia is blooming! The peach trees are covered with blossoms… There are pink and white petals everywhere!

Sayonara Soryu

Hello Hiryu. Who says I don’t have clever titles on rare occasions? DH keeps trying to give my Accords Japanese names.  (History majors, what can I say?) However, Soryu, for green dragon, was a WWII aircraft carrier sunk at the battle of  Midway. Hiryu, either red or flying dragon, was also sunk at Midway. So… Continue reading Sayonara Soryu

F is For Flamingo

Of course, there were too many people around when the sun was on the real flamingos and sculpted ones to get a photo opp with the sock, so I had to settle for neon. DH and I have stayed in the pink place every trip to Las Vegas. Did anyone see that coming?