In a Red Mood

Well, purple is in the family, right? H is for Hoodie. I have gotten about six inches or so done on the hood for CPH. The cables show up a lot better outside in the sun.

The other reds. I got the LG 8350 from Verizon in January, coincidentally. It goes well with Basque Red.  They also communicate well with each other using Bluetooth, after an initial struggle. (Computers!) The nail polish’s name had something about scarlet and affair or something. Yes, I wiped the footprint off the freshly detailed by the Honda dealer bumper.

I left the dealership and drove straight to Lowe’s and put 120 pounds of topsoil in the trunk. Had to dismantle the brand new cargo net. Looks just like the one on the Web site, except for the cardboard box of crap from the last Accord. (The net may not be in there right-like the nav system, Bluetooth and voice commands, everything has a learning curve.) The little white thing in the lower right corner? It’s a Honda logo. (Why it costs more, right?) There is reflective tape on  the top, and it zips closed. Nice. The cargo net was promised by the dealer, who still owes me a tank of gas. It poured down rain this morning, and the road that I take to work has not been repaved yet.. See the dirt on the freshly detailed back bumper?

Last but not least, a little green. The baby tomatoes have been transplanted into large pots. They are a couple of feet tall, and gangly


8 thoughts on “In a Red Mood

  1. Would you believe that I, Jessi of the black thumb clan, actually planted flowers yesterday? We’ll see if they survive. LOL
    I like the phone! My CPH is being ignored. I think it’s the weather, but I just can’t work on it right now.

  2. Your tomatoes look great! We’ve been trying to figure out where to put our veggies this year and I think we’ve formulated a plan. Now for the hard work!

  3. Nice tomato plants! What varieties are you growing? I really need to decide just what I’m going to do about growing some of my own this year. Ugh — just another instance of my chronic procrastination.

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