Socking Along

I have felt a little letdown after finishing the knitting and seaming on the CPH. I thought of making Something Red in white, but now I am swatching for Knitty’s Spring Fling in purple Debbie Bliss Cathay. In the meantime, I went back to my River Run socks., a Wendy Johnson pattern. I can do this toe up sock, as it has a gusset and heel flap, just done backwards from my usual way.  The sock is a bit twisted, the rows run straight. This was just the most in focus shot of the sock and not the mint. Fearless Fibers yarn in Pride from the Seven Deadly Sins sock yarn club.

I looked down at my other foot, and I was wearing my new Merell Encore Mary Janes in Slate


8 thoughts on “Socking Along

  1. Oh, I do like those socks (is that basil behind them?). I’ll have to pick up that pattern for myself one of these days. Love the shoes, too, but I’m a longtime fan of Merrells. They’re the best-looking comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

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