CPH Photo Opportunity & Other Stuff

OK, so I made DH wait until the Food Network show on Julia Child was over. He was playing Civilization on the computer anyway. So, as the temperature has dropped 20-30 degrees, I felt like modeling a wool sweater. I also sewed on buttons and wove in the ends. Ta-da! Mr. Pecan Tree seemed amused. The thing above my head is a gourd birdhouse. The yarn is Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran Tweed in color 117, and is 85% merino wool, 10% silk, 5% cashmere.





DH went to the spring A-Day football game at the University of Alabama yesterday, with around 78,000 other people, and brought me back the "most expensive car tag" in the Alabama Bookstore on the Strip in Tuscaloosa. He got to go to his fraternity house and favorite bar.( I stayed home and cooked pecan-crusted salmon cause he hates fish.) The tag says Alumni at the bottom. My MLIS is from UA.

I frogged Spring Fling and started on Louisa’s Harding’s Tide cropped cardigan. Here is my progress draped over the yet to be planted Spanish Lavender. Less artistic shot below, with bird poop edited out. TLC Cotton plus leftovers in Periwinkle.




14 thoughts on “CPH Photo Opportunity & Other Stuff

  1. Love the CPH! So glad you got an opportunity to wear it. Those buttons are gorgeous. I’m sure Mr. Pecan tree had nothing but compliments to say. Love him!

  2. Beautiful!!!! And to think that it is cold enough today to wear a wool sweater – I DID! This cardigan is just about all the warmth you need down here in the south πŸ™‚ Great job!!!!

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