Yarn and Blue Skies

The sky was very blue and the weather was gorgeous, and there were no tornadoes yesterday. DH planted the tomatoes in the garden. We still have to finish putting newspaper around them and mulching them.

I found the dogwood tree. It is so small, it gets lost in the plum trees.

The mail brought Cotlin from Knit Picks, 70% cotton and 30% linen in color linen (beige to me.) . I plan to use it for the new topdown version of  Eyelet Cardi. I wore my turquoise bottom up one Friday. I got the pattern again from Chicknits as soon as I found out it was now topdown, as I had so much trouble with the yoke. . Must. Not. Start. Yet!

Here are this week’s strays. The bulldog is very sweet. I have not been able to pet the terrier because the bulldog licks my hand when I get it low enough. Anyone want a bulldog or terrier? They both have collars, and have been around for a week.



3 thoughts on “Yarn and Blue Skies

  1. Wasn’t the weather gorgeous today? I kept the windows open and enjoyed every minute of it.
    I love the Cotlin, but I just got a ball of the new Comfy in and it feels wonderful. 🙂

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