Two Down, Two to Go

Pairs of socks, that is. I want y’all to know that the light is lovely at dusk, but there are thorny roses that snag sox,  bugs and mosquitoes and crazy dogs chasing horses, oh my. Anyway, I braved the elements to bring you Samus Socks, inspired by Lisa Lloyd’s Saxony Sock. I used the Samus Saxon braid cable from the Knitty pattern, and generally ignored the pattern, especially the seed stitch,  except for admiring the photo. My socks are in Knit Picks Essential Tweed, Marine Blue. the back is 3×1 rib. My Samus is in Cascade 220 Tweed.



Look what I found where the peach blossoms were not long ago.

There were also crazed-looking possessed bunnies under the peach trees. Two rabbits came within about three feet of me. I was a little concerned to see the rabbit hopping directly toward me. (No killer rabbit thoughts, I thought it was a cat which 8 dogs would rip apart.)  I could not do anything with the eye  in two kinds of photo editing software.


12 thoughts on “Two Down, Two to Go

  1. Blue socks to match your blue sweaters! Gorgeous! At first, I thought the baby fruit were figs but realized that it is waaaayyyy to early! This makes me think of all the peach recipes that I love – even simple peaches and cream!

  2. Okay – have you heard that Listerine will keep mosquitoes away? I have a full bottle at home, I’ll try it and report back.
    Let’s just hope that bunny doesn’t get all Monty Python on you.
    P.S. Love the socks!

  3. Your socks look great! But that bunny looks downright scary and ferocious! I’d never seen unripe peaches before. They look interesting.

  4. OMG, those socks are just gorgeous! That poor bunny, the fear in those eyes is pretty telling. That’s what he gets for eying that peach tree!

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