Yet More Entrelac

I kept messing up on the Embossed Leaves sock, so I picked up my long languishing entrelac socks from the Annetrelac Socks pattern. I wanted to prove that I was on the second sock.

I left out the last rectangle on a tier, and did not notice it for a while, so ripped back a tier and part of another one, This is Winter Chill from Thankewe on Etsy.( I am not linking lest I be accused again of enabling, y’all know how to find it.) I may not immediately start the Kureyon 92 entrelac socks upon finishing these, after that. I did get the Rhiannon pattern from Cookie A.  I got some destashed Louet Gems in champagne today. Hmm, the pattern is on the hard drive of my work computer, and the library is closed. Sigh… I also keep hearing Stevie Nicks in my head.

After a downpour/thunderstorm this morning, the sun came out in the afternoon. This is about 7 p.m.

Also,  yellow iris are blooming now

3 thoughts on “Yet More Entrelac

  1. Nice Annetrelacs. I kept wanting to continue pattern down on top of foot, but was too lazy to figure it out, and too in a hurry to finish the socks (Wollmeise Salamander colorway) Maybe next time.

  2. Those socks are amazing. And what a great thunderstorm. Thunder, rain, and on a Saturday at that. Perfect for a lazy morning. šŸ™‚

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