I is for Iced Tea

I couldn’t come up with an idea for I, except for Internet. DH suggested Insect, then Iced tea. I went with the iced tea idea. He dragged a heavy table into the shade and distracted the dogs so I could have a photo shoot. Boy.am I full of tea. I was getting warm and started drinking the props.



My photo assistant was lying under the tea table behaving himself, while DH restrained his friend the bulldog. Anyone need a sweet terrier and bulldog? DH named them Skipper and Little Buddy.


5 thoughts on “I is for Iced Tea

  1. Oh, what a sweet face!!! I would love another pup, but I think my property is holding all the dogs it can as it is. Beautiful roses, too. Iced tea season also began here yesterday, if only so that we can use all the lemons that are falling off the tree.

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