Yet Another Sock and Bag

I tried yet again to make a shorter box bag. I think the secret is to sew the zipper in the short end, duh. I was inspired by Tonyia, after I found her blog with the easier squared corners technique. Anyway, this bag is rife with mistakes, but it matches my lnitting bag. The reason for the denim strip is that the zipper was already sewn in a leftover oiece from said bag. That is the beginning of Clessidra with the Knit Picks Gloss yarn.


I got some more fabric from a really neat place, the Fat Quarter Shop. It was packaged very nicely and arrived really fast. This is Moda Funky Monkey-it has sock monkeys! The fabric underneath is inspired by the song Five Little Monkeys (jumping on the bed) For the easily amused, I have embedded a YouTube video. My nephew, who is five, said he had never heard the song, and besides, he couldn’t be a monkey because he had blonde hair.


3 thoughts on “Yet Another Sock and Bag

  1. The blonde hair makes all the difference you know. 🙂 I spent the day with my 7 year old nephew. He could be a monkey – even wearing a cast on one arm, he could be a monkey.

  2. I love the square sock bags….I can’t begin to imagine how to make one…I can’t sew a straight line…much less all this detail!!! Looks GREAT!!!

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