Socking Along Again

Clessidra has not been going along quite as smoothly. I lost my cable needle at lunch yesterday. Maybe I can find it at lunch tomorrow. I forgot to cross a cable, and tried to fix it, and ended up taking out 3 or so rows. Later the power went off, and while trying to knit by flashlight, I lost another cable needle and the crochet hook I was trying to fix dropped stitches with. I had to rip out some more later two times to fix miscrossed cables. The power came back on after 1.5 hours.


7 thoughts on “Socking Along Again

  1. Kudos for knitting by flashlight! That is determination not to let the durn power outage keep you from your sock mission. Sorry to hear about the issues. Sockie looks fantastic though. Gonna have to add it to my queue.

  2. You need a headlight, like I have. I love it, especially if the power goes out. Hope you find the lost needles. The cables are beautiful.

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