More Sock and Flower Photos

Clessidra is at the ankle. It is so neat the way the small cables meet at the ankle.


The tomatoes are blooming, and I have a new Nikon lens. The Brandyboy shows its Brandywine parentage with the strange shaped blossom and potato shaped leaves. This plant broke when it was small and it was taped and nursed along. It is the largest tomato plant now. The basil has finally been transplanted in the garden

What is this, the pet of the week feature? Lastly, does anyone need a Lab mix pup?  Look at that face! She has been wormed and treated for fleas and ticks.

9 thoughts on “More Sock and Flower Photos

  1. that is a sock alright. is it red or is it pink? or doe it change colors depending on the light? i love a high/tall sock and don’t often see patterns for them.

  2. I love your socks!! so busy w/ my three kids, a dog and cats too. I d love to adopt yellow lab someday when my kids are little older.

  3. Wow, you are cruising on that sock! Good thing, too, because that should make casting on for the second one a bit easier.
    Looking forward to pictures of baby tomatoes.

  4. Woo Hoo you are flying on that sock! Is that smoke coming from the needles? It’s looking great.
    If I could have pets, I would snatch up the pup. Look at that face. Very hard to resist.

  5. Your plants look great. My tomatoes and peppers have been in for a while, but I just planted squash, parsnip, and basil seeds today. I’m kind of late!

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