Almost Have a Sock

I have almost reached the toe of the first Clessidra sock. I did a regular heel, no more seed stitch! Despite having to rip out a few rows again due to yet another miscrossed cable, I am almost there. Since the Lab mix pup was too cute to give up, she has been named Cookie to go with her "big sisters" Honey and Peanut, who do resemble each other. I was looking askance at every yellow Lab I saw as we got closer to home-is he the daddy?



8 thoughts on “Almost Have a Sock

  1. Look at that sock! Gorgeous. You are almost done with that baby. Glad to hear lab puppy has a new home. That face was too irresistable and I would have done the same.

  2. Congratulations on your new addition! She’s one lucky dog.
    Nice color coordination between the toes and the sock, by the way.

  3. Ha-ha! That lab’ll never tell!
    You’re so speedy! I cast on a new sock Monday and am to the heel, but they aren’t knee highs, so I’m not bragging!

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