I Has One Sock

Hey, finishing one Clessidra is like knitting a pair of shorter socks! Especially when  you persist in crossing cables in the wrong direction. I still can't knit the sock the way the pattern is written-I have to shift it around so that the front is on one side of the circ, and the back on the other. That makes my end of row in a strange place, and I forget the first decrease and have to do it on the next row. Ack! Oh well, it is shaped OK and fits well. I also started the second one, see. Since I did not hit it big at the casinos in Tunica, MS. I guess I won't be retiring and taking up spinning and watercolor lessons. So much for paying off the Honda-I won about enough for a couple of car payments. DH had more hand-pays again, and accomplished one of  his lifetime ambitions, and hit three double diamonds on the Double Diamond slot machine. I refuse to play a slot machine again until we go back the other end of MS to Biloxi-the only place I seem to win.

Someone can't believe I would rather pay attention to a sock than to her. Gratutious Cookie (Monster) shot. I am no fun–"Don't chew on my hand, don't chew on my dress, don't chew on Buddy's ear."

10 thoughts on “I Has One Sock

  1. Holy smokies! The sock is gorgeous. I have been looking at the pattern and waiting on finding the right yarn to make them. Cookie is being a typical puppy, isn’t she? Adorable though!

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