Tiptoe Through the Tomatoes

I wanted to show off our tomato plants, so I went out in the garden in the hot 90 degree F temps, just for y'all. Oh yeah, the basil has gotten bigger than the weeds. I can't deal with Typepad right now,.

We have many, many baby tomatoes. Not sure what they are until they show color, as we lose all the labels. And we may have 4-5 colors

Think these are Roma, or Yellow Mama or Tangerine Mama…

2. Not sure…'maters!


Well , these are either Black Pineapple, Boxcar Willie or Radiator
Charlie's Mortgage Lifter, LOL. I know it's one of the three because
the smaller plants (now, these are large sprawling things when grown
up) came from The Tasteful Garden. As I write this, I smell tomato plant on me. The jungle is below


Honey sez, "No, I will not look at you. You have been playing with that puppy." Peanut just tried to knock me down again. For anyone who has read James Herriott, she went really cracker dog. I have not seen her run that fast in a while, when she used to run full-tilt into my legs and leave bruises, Peanut does not photograph well.


Cookie Monster sez, "It is so tiring trying to catch Mom's camera."

Daylilies are now blooming next to the fence


6 thoughts on “Tiptoe Through the Tomatoes

  1. Great looking plants, and I *love* the dog photos. No daylilies here yet, although I noticed some buds on Stella d’Oro, so shouldn’t be too far off.

  2. I just planted three tomato plants and Black Pineapple was one of them (from Tasteful Garden, too). I hope the bluejays don’t get them, I saw one perched on the fence eyeing the plants from our kitchen window.

  3. My heart melts every time I see Miss Cookie. I don’t know how these pups find you, but for their sake, I’m glad they do.
    Love the “not sure” tomatoes — so pretty, clear, and round.

  4. love the names of your tomato plants, are any heirloom varieties? i have a beefeater and a mr. stripey in containers, since we don’t have a garden, but the mr. stripey isn’t doing as hot as the beefeater. or maybe it’s just called beefsteak.

  5. I don't know a stitch about knitting, but I think that top tomato photo is your 'Roma' plant, based on the paste-tomato shape. Great mix of pets, socks, veggies. Thanks for the visit to my bog…so I could find my way to you.

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