One Leaf

I have finished one Embossed Leaves sock in Ball & Skein yarn, Fallen Leaves colorway. I had to take a break from Clessidra, and I was chagrined when I saw how close to the toe the Embossed Leaves sock was. I finished it last night, even wove in ends, after the computer was turned off. I twittered about it with my Palm. Twitter 's Web site will not display on the Palm's decrepit browser, but I can post with MoTwit. I had to say that I had finished something. So here it is:




Also, I have itty bitty squashies. This is a Butterbush, a Butternut that is supposed to be well-behaved and not take over the garden like the cucumbers and yellow squash.



3 thoughts on “One Leaf

  1. Paula! Your horseshoe is upside down – all your luck’s gonna fall out! :o) I love those socks. Always have. Don’t have the pattern, though. Boo.

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