Clessidra Continues

I have finished the decreases and have a few inches to go to the heel on the second Clessidra. As you have already seen so many progress photos of my first Clessidra, I decided to play around with the macro setting on a very little used Tamron 70-300mm lens I had for my Nikon AF 35mm camera. Once I figured out how to get it set for macro, I couldn’t get out of macro. I think that’s a bug on the second shot. Then I had to quit anyway because Cookie discovered I was out in the yard. The color is a bit darker in reality, Burgundy KnitPicks Gloss. I got tired of messing around with Nikon Picture Project and Paint Shop Pro XI. Plus the D50 is complaining about its battery. Oooh yeah, that reminds me. I played with a D80 and D60 at Circuit City. Nice. Then… I picked up a D300 with a 18-200mm lens. I think I am in love. But until I win the lottery, or hit that jackpot, I will stick with my D50. You could buy 4 D40s for what a D300 costs.


The peaches have gotten much bigger, ‘specially in macro. I guess that the blush really doesn’t indicate ripeness.


2 thoughts on “Clessidra Continues

  1. True about the D300, but you should read what Ken Rockwell (www.kenrockwell) has to say about the D40s. That’s why I bought that model. Well, that and the $$$!

  2. The sock is coming along very nicely. I wonder how the center panel along with the seed stitch sides would work for a scarf. . .hmmm, I just might have to look into that.
    Very cute peach. I ate my first fruit-stand peach of the season (it came from a desert orchard). Great because it was the first, but not because it will be the sweetest.

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