Blue Tide

I got tired of socks and worked a little on Louisa Harding's Tide from Beachcomber Bay Design Collection. I am using leftover TLC Cotton Plus yarn frogged from Ariann failure. I did a sleeve as swatch/


The back and sleeve are posing on a willow coffee table in front of this loveseat. DH lets the furniture maker have willow trees. We get willow furniture in return.

Cookie is so tired. Probably from chewing on the coffee table.


3 thoughts on “Blue Tide

  1. How lucky you are to have willow trees! I wish we had access to one here, because I really want to make a willow house for my daughter (by sticking freshly cut branches in the ground in a circle, tying them together at the top, and letting them grow in place).

  2. I’m with you on the much-needed sock break. I’ll be taking an easy ribbed scarf with me on vacation need week.
    And, boy, does that dog ever love you! She can keep no secrets with those eyes.

  3. Wow the willow furniture is awesome! Way cool. It’s amazing what someone can craft so beautifully from a tree and still keep the essence of the tree. Love that Cookie!

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