Socks and More Socks

Socks, just not from the same pair. First, my Embossed Leaves socks and I went to Missississipi. On the way to Starkville and Mississippi State University, I stopped at Yarns Downtown in Columbus. This Regia Bamboo followed me home. I thought it looked like berries. I also got more stitch markers.

I drove around MSU a bit trying to remember where the library was, and gave up, (so did the Honda's navigation system) and ended up at the bookstore, in Starbucks for a Grande Tazo Chai Frappuchino. I sat on the terrace and talked to my sister on my cell phone. I got directions to the library from a student. That did not work too well last year, but this one was a library student assistant. I left there and went to McAllister's for supper. I also worked on the Embossed Leaves sock, see? On Friday, I attended the Mississippi Library 2.0 Summit, presented a poster, then drove home. One day I will make it to the LYS in Tuscaloosa.


On Saturday, after my migraine subsided, I started my new Summer of Socks Socks! Eloise from Kirsten Kapur in the Strapaz Cotton Effekt yarn I got last year, as a birthday gift, from Yarns Downtown.


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