Eloise and Other Things

Yesterday, I spent two hours at the Honda dealer. Then I spent two hours at the doctor's office. Eloise is almost to the toe. I am almost out of yarn. Anyway, the Honda dealer had to wash my car 'cause it looked so bad to have one clean spot after they reapplied the loose dealer decal on the trunk. They changed the oi, too by the way. I think it embarrasses them to have a filthy dirty new Accord on the lot. The doctor was behind because she had an emergency. I would have gotten this post done earlier was I not making mint simple syrup for Mo-Tea-Tos (I love that name.) I have iced black tea with fresh lime and mint, mint syrup and club soda, omit the limeade. I took one look in the cabinet where the Bacardi lives, and decided not to have a mojito.Oh well, I will find it one day. OK, on to photos of Eloise.


This is Strapaz Cotton Effekt, which Ravelry's database informs me is sport weight. I did not look at the yardage, but it is less than usual for fingering weight. Poo. When I was in Mississippi last week, the LYS had more. But I did not know I needed it. Oh well, I am going to make solid pink toes, as I think this skein will make it that far.

Edited to add. Just for y'all and the sake of my photo, I dug around in the cabinet for the 5-6 year old bottle of Bacardi. I added a tiny bit to my Mo-Tea-To. (How many of you remember the Bacardi ad with the librarian with the bat tattoo on her back?) Note the homegrown Brandyboy tomato on the right. the mint syrup is on the left. You won't see this in Southern Living. To-ma-to, Mo-Tea-To.  Wait a second, I am cracking myself up. I have not even had any rum yet.Just punchy from 4 hours of sleep. I woke up at 2 am and the Lime and Violet podcast was still on my mp3 player.


3 thoughts on “Eloise and Other Things

  1. If you fell asleep listening to L&V, it’s no wonder you’re punchy. LOL Those two are a hoot! The socks look great and I think Sydney’s idea sounds good. šŸ™‚

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