One Sock

I finished one, and I have started the second Eloise sock. This Twitter sock search that popped up on Google was really an interesting distraction. Anyway, here it is.




 After seeing Turtlegirl’s crocheted Madeira Breeze shrug, I had to get the pattern. I also bought the Short Sleeve Bolero pattern. So neat! I have been looking for a lacy coverup for a while. I have not crocheted this much in years, though. I just had to start with TLC Cotton Plus in cream, however, and have gotten a little past this sleeve. It is worked from sleeve to sleeve.

Last, I had corn for supper. Four different varieties. The Ruby Queen is not showing color, just pink dots on white kernels. (Third from left)


5 thoughts on “One Sock

  1. Nice sock, especially next to the daylily. And I’m jealous of the yellow corn! It’s nearly impossible to find at the farmer’s markets here. All anyone grows is white corn, and it’s just not as “corny” tasting as yellow to me.
    Perhaps I’ll have to try a different market next week.

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