Miscellaneous Stuff, Even Knitting

I got DH to take a photo of me wearing the crocheted bolero. (100 he says. Most of them with me saying use the longest lens length, don’t get the dog watering the bushes, etc.) I needed a new photo for Facebook, as I just joined a group for a biology class and my Second Life avatar didn’t look right for that.

I had a whole pile of packages when I got home! A Bacardi muddler with a bat on the business end, a King Arthur Flour shot glass (really a measure for small amounts of liquid.) Other things that arrived were 560 yards of sport merino from LeeLee’s Unique Buttons and Yarns Etsy shop.It smells sweet and feels soft. I am thinking knee socks.


I am also nearly to the heel on the second Eloise sock, after a few days of crochet.

Here is the first Eloise, posing with my Skecher’s Cali shoe. I don’t think purl ridges and heavier yarn do too well. I will have to stick to thinner sockies with these.


10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Stuff, Even Knitting

  1. You are looking very pretty in your Bolero. DH did good. Isn’t it great when you get a new yarn and it smells good? Definitely knee highs with that one.

  2. Love it! And love the fact that now if I ever see you, across a crowded room, I’ll be like, “is that Paula? I think it’s Paula!” and come say hi.
    I listed my work email addy, so shoot way with your Nikon questions! (oh, what a terrible pun!)

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